Event to include clothes drive, panel discussion, beauty & styling specialists, free HIV testing and an HIV Equal photo shoot

(NORWALK, CT - AUGUST 13, 2015) - Continuing with their commitment to provide services and support to the local LGBTQ Community, both HIV Equal (www.HIVequal.org) and Triangle Community Center (www.ctgay.org) will be hosting an event at the offices of sponsors World Health Clinicians and CIRCLE CARE Center (618 West Avenue, Norwalk, CT 06850) on Sunday, August 30, 2015, to celebrate and promote self-care within the transgender community.

From 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., and in conjunction with other local beauty and hair specialists, Jay Romero of Jay Romero Salon will provide appointments to transgender individuals for complimentary beauty and hair consultations. Appointments can be made by calling 203.957.3700. From Noon to 3:30 p.m., HIV Equal will have certified HIV testers on-site at CIRCLE CARE Center (www.CircleCareCenter.org) for anyone wishing to get tested for the virus. The campaign will also feature a photo shoot for anyone wanting to participate in the anti-stigma online photo initiative.

“A Transgender Self-Care event is important in small communities such as ours here in Fairfield County because it emphasizes that no one is alone out there, and that there are places such as TCC and CIRCLE CARE Center that provide support and services to everyone in the LGBTQ Community,” said Dr. A.C. Demidont, CIRCLE CARE Center’s Adult and Adolescent Infectious Diseases & HIV Medicine specialist who also provides services related to LGBQ and Transgender Healthcare.

The event will also feature a gender-affirming clothing drive at TCC and a panel discussion to feature guests such as Connecticut-based gender-affirming life coach Tony Ferraiolo (www.tonyferraiolo.com), transgender activist and fashion model Monique Fontaine, CIRCLE CARE Center’s gender-affirming and transgender-friendly clinician Dr. Demidont along with TCC’s Service Coordinator and Case Manager Jacki Alessio. Other notable panelists will soon be announced.

“The event is not only a great way to bring about a greater awareness of the transgender community, it’s also an important opportunity to help transgender individuals here in Fairfield County. This event will give them the opportunity to learn more about their own community and to feel empowered through self-care and discussions about real transgender issues,” said Anthony Crisci, Executive Director of TCC. “This event will be yet another opportunity for us to bring our community together, and to help publicize the services and support that TCC, WHC, CIRCLE CARE Center and HIV Equal bring to LGBTQ people here in Fairfield County.”

To learn more about HIV Equal, please visit www.HIVequal.org, for World Health Clinicians, please visit www.whcccc.org, for CIRCLE CARE Center, please visitwww.CircleCareCenter.org, and for Triangle Community Center, please visitwww.ctgay.org.



World Health Clinicians, Inc. (WHC) is a U.S.-based non-profit 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization founded in September 2010 by U.S. HIV/AIDS specialists Dr. Gary Blick and Executive Director Scott Gretz to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases in the developed and developing world.



CIRCLE CARE Center seeks to EMPOWER our community to lead healthy, full, rewarding lives without limits based on sexual orientation and gender identity through: Education to reduce LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS stigma and to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity; Medical and psychosocial support; Pharmacy access for all regardless of ability to pay; Outreach throughout the state of Connecticut to unite all members of the LGBTQ community; Welcoming of all members of the LGBTQ community regardless of sexual identity, gender identity, financial ability, and/or psychosocial or behavioral issues; Equality for all regardless of sexual identity or gender identity, and Research opportunities to understand our community’s needs and activities and to further the fields of HIV/AIDS, STD and chronic Hepatitis medicine.



Triangle Community Center (TCC) is Fairfield County’s leading provider of LGBT programming and resources to nurture growth and connection within the community. It is the only organization focused exclusively on the LGBTQ community in Fairfield County, which is a community at much greater risk of isolation, discrimination, suicide, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS than its peers. TCC was founded in 1990 and serves more than 100 clients who attend programs and services on a weekly basis. More than 1,000 members of the Fairfield County community attend a TCC program or event at least once each year.



The Mid-Fairfield AIDS Projects (MFAP) was founded in 1987 by individuals from a variety of local organizations in cooperation with the Norwalk Health Department and Norwalk Hospital as an initial response to HIV/AIDS. Since its inception, MFAP has held firm to its Mission Statement: To act as a direct and indirect service provider and advocate for all those affected by HIV/AIDS; To enhance their quality of life by developing and fostering the necessary resources to attain this goal; To prevent the spread of HIV disease through: education, The MFAP “Safer Sex Initiative,” grant-funded prevention programs and collaborations with other providers that lead to the successful completion of our stated goals. To develop and operate housing initiatives for the homeless disabled and establish housing as the foundation to increase client competency, autonomy and better health.