Partnering with MFAP has been a priority of WHC since its inception. When an individual is homeless, coming out of a recovery program, or suffering from a chronic condition and in need of housing, finding secure, structured housing has been major unmet need in Norwalk. Not anymore, as MFAP has opened MOORE PLACE with the assistance of WHC. This 9-bedroom house was purchased, renovated, and opened in January 2015 to meet the needs of those with HIV, in substance recovery, homeless or in miserable living conditions, and many others, including those from our LGBTQ community. For more information, if you have HIV and/or chronic Hepatitis C, call MFAP at (203) 855-9535 to schedule an appointment to become a client ( If you are a member of our LGBTQ community, call Triangle Community Center at (203) 853-0600 to schedule an appointment with their social worker (

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